Finding Debt Relief

By: Clinton Maxwell

Unfortunately your bad credit is probably keeping you from getting an unsecured credit card. These are cards that are for people with non-damaged credit, simply for the fact that the credit card companies feel as though they can be trusted. Don’t beat yourself up over this however, because the past is the past and one day soon you will be able to qualify for such a card.

Before even thinking about applying for anymore credit cards, then perhaps it’s time to begin to eliminate credit card debt that you have already. The stress that this debt relief can do for you will not only help you with your credit rating, but with your physical well-being as well.

When you are all caught up on your debt management, then you’ll want to shop around for a credit card with the lowest interest rate that you can possibly find. This is good for a multitude of reasons, since it saves you money on your monthly interest charges, but it also becomes quite significant when you’re in need of a loan for a couple of hundred dollars. Finding a loan with as low of an interest rate as you can get one for with a lower rate card would prove to be quite a feat.

As well, some of the rewards and benefits that you can receive right along with a low interest rate can be quite pleasing to most consumers. You’ll want to figure out exactly what you want from a card, and shop around. The Internet is a great place to do this shopping as a matter of fact.

One especially good card is the Chase Platinum Card because it has a 0% introductory APR for the first six months, and follows up with no annual fees. The Chase Travel card goes a step further by rewarding card users points as they use their card, which can be used for airfare, cruising, car rentals, and hotel stays.

On the subject of car rental the Chase Travel will also reward you five-hundred-thousand-dollars in Worldwide Auto Travel Accident Insurance from Hertz®Car Rental Discounts.

Moving onto another great card that you will enjoy is the Discover® Platinum Card. This card offers a 0% Introductory APR as well, with no annual fees, and will give you up to 2% Cash Back in Bonus awards. Some can even offer up to 5% in cash back bonus rewards.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com