The Credit Repair System, Get A Credit Card and Get Debt Free are available at just £6.95 each or in a package price of £15.85. Printed Manuals by mail have a postage charge of 50p per manual or £1 postage for all three.

They are for use in the UK and are not relevant outside of the UK.

Please click on the file format you want and it will be added to the Shopping Cart. You can download the files and unlock codes will be emailed to you. We can also send them by email as file attachments, or printed manuals by mail.

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To use the Shopping Cart below please choose the files you want, then click on the appropriate button, either Download, File Attachment or Printed Manual to add it to the Shopping Cart.

Credit Repair System Download £6.95

Credit Repair System File Attachment £6.95

Credit Repair System File Manual by Post £7.45

Get a Credit Card Download £6.95

Get a Credit Card File Attachment £6.95

Get a Credit Card File Manual by Post £7.45

Get Debt Free Download £6.95

Get Debt Free File Attachment £6.95

Get Debt Free File Manual by Post £7.45

All 3 Credit Files Download £15.85

All 3 Credit Files File Attachment £15.85

All 3 Credit Files Manuals by Post £16.85